Annual WCA Faculty and Staff Breakfast   ( Mon, August 8, 2022 . . .  8:00am )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Women's Ministry Event Coordinators  256-694-9711 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   WCA (Upper School) Cafeteria, 5744 Oakwood Rd NW , Huntsville, AL 35806   [view map] Print

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WPC is excited to host the Annual Westminster Christian Academy Breakfast for the Faculty and Staff on MONDAY, AUGUST 8, at 8:00 a.m. as they kick-off a new school year! We will host the breakfast in the WCA Upper School Cafeteria (please note location change from WPC Narthex to WCA Cafeteria).

We would love to have your participation as part of this special event! Please consider volunteering to: drop off a casserole dish that is hot and ready, bring a prepared fruit platter, OR be a hands-on event helper (serve and clean-up). For those bringing food, please drop off your food by 7:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. Also, please bring food in a disposable pan/platter and label the type of casserole with a sharpie marker on the foil covering.

Thank you for joining us in this effort to show love and support to the WCA Faculty and Staff!
If you have any questions, please contact one of the Women Ministry Event Coordinators ~

Barbara Laflin 561-779-8615 or
April Stegman 256-694-9711 or

Sausage / Egg Casseroles
1. Pamela Causey   Change   |   Remove
2. Anna Bosma   Change   |   Remove
3. Angela Boyd   Change   |   Remove
4. Dixie Hammond   Change   |   Remove
5. Gina Willcox   Saus/egg muffin cups Change   |   Remove
6. Kelley Lyles   Change   |   Remove
Bacon / Egg Casseroles
1. Mary Hamilton   ham and potato casserole Change   |   Remove
2. Karin Powless   ham biscuits Change   |   Remove
3. Mary Katherine Keel   Change   |   Remove
4. Mary Katherine Keel   Change   |   Remove
5. Barbara Laflin   Bacon casserole dairy free Change   |   Remove
6. Cyndy Hooks   Change   |   Remove
Veggie Casseroles
1. Meghan Palmer   Change   |   Remove
2. Elizabeth Davis   Change   |   Remove
3. Diana Perrin   Change   |   Remove
Gluten-Free Casseroles
1. Jennifer Murphree   Sausage, hash brown and egg casserole Change   |   Remove
2. Mary Hoogwerf   egg asparagus,tomato,hash brown Change   |   Remove
3. Frances Shipman   Cauliflower casserole Change   |   Remove
Fruit Tray (NO PINEAPPLE, please)
1. Holly Adams   Change   |   Remove
2. Donna Knight   Change   |   Remove
3. Erica Kemp   Change   |   Remove
4. Amy Ward   Change   |   Remove
5. Barb L. & April S.   Change   |   Remove
Person to make coffee (Start at 7:00am)  (Make 3 regular coffee carafes)
1. Rebecca Sedlak   Change   |   Remove
Casserole Unloaders (7:20-8:00 am)
1. Amy Ward   Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
Door Greeter to Welcome WCA Faculty (7:45-8:15 am)
1. Mary Katherine Keel   Change   |   Remove
2. Elizabeth Davis   Change   |   Remove
Servers (7:30- 8:45 am)  (Help set up orange juice, water, coffee, creamers, serving utensils, place food on tables, man drink station, etc.)
1. Pamela Causey   Change   |   Remove
2. Karin Powless   Change   |   Remove
3. Donna Knight   Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
Clean Up Crew (8:45-10:00 am)  (1.throw away tablecloths 2. pack up table garlands 3. wash carafes & serving utensils 4. clean kitchen 5. package leftovers 6. possibly deliver leftovers to people)
1. Karin Powless   Change   |   Remove
2. Ellise Adams   Change   |   Remove
3. Donna Knight   Change   |   Remove
4. Amy Hatton   Change   |   Remove