Easter Brunch   ( Fri, April 7, 2023 . . .  12:00 noon )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Kathy Regan  570-871-4795 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Keystone Mission Innovation Center, 8 W. Olive St, Scranton, PA 18508   [view map] Print

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This year we will be serving an Easter Brunch to our homeless friends at the Innovation Center. Please sign up to provide an item or volunteer to serve. If you are bringing an item and staying to serve, please sign up for both. You can drop off any item that does not need to be heated on Thursday anytime between 9 am and 3 pm. Items that are served warm must be heated and dropped off before 11 am on Friday. Serving volunteers please arrive at the mission by 11:30 am and plan on staying until 1:30 pm. This is just a 2-hour commitment to help serve the homeless in our community.

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Deviled Eggs  (1 Dozen Deviled Eggs (24 pieces))
1. KRISTEN SCOTT   DEVILED EGGS Change   |   Remove
2. Marleen Shaver   Deviled eggs Change   |   Remove
Pickle & Olive Tray  (Mixed Pickles and Olives)
1. Frank & Patti Mazzie   Change   |   Remove
2. Frank & Patti Mazzie   Change   |   Remove
Sliced Ham  (I lg steam table tray, enough to serve 30 people)
1. Melissa Connors   Ham Change   |   Remove
Potato salad  (1 -1/2 steam tray size)
1. Lynn Decker   Change   |   Remove
Macaroni Salad  (1 -1/2 steam tray size)
1. Katie Schwartztrauber   Change   |   Remove
Cole Slaw  (1 -1/2 steam tray size)
1. Diann L Milliron   Change   |   Remove
Cooked Carrots  (1 lg steam tray size)
1. Betsy Mead   Change   |   Remove
Rolls  (Medium size rolls for 30 people)
1. Wendie Genovese   30 rolls Change   |   Remove
carrot cake  (9 x 13 pan size frosted cake)
1. Nancy Mirro   Carrot cake Change   |   Remove
2. Nancy Mirro   Carrot cake Change   |   Remove
Kilbassi  (2 sliced rings)
1. Decker Lynn   Change   |   Remove
Horseradish  (1 bottle)
1. Lori Luongo   Change   |   Remove
plates, bowls, dessert plates  (Easter decorated (if possible) dinnerware for 30 people)
1. Melissa Connors   Plates, bowls and dessert plates Change   |   Remove
flavored creamer  (2 lg bottles of flavored creamer (it's a treat!))
1. Lori Luongo   Change   |   Remove
volunteer servers  (serve and stay to clean up. 2 hour commitment.)
1. Betsy Mead   Change   |   Remove
2. Nancy Mirro   Serve Change   |   Remove
3. Jerry Mirro   Serve Change   |   Remove
4. Frank Mazzie   Change   |   Remove
5. Patti Mazzie   Change   |   Remove
6. Marleen Shaver   Serve Change   |   Remove
7.     Take
8.     Take