TKE WRJ Women's Seder   ( Sun, April 14, 2024 . . .  4 pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  susan eisen  4703890459 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Temple Kol Emeth Print

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Our theme this year is "a taste of Judaism from the diaspora". We will be "tasting" many foods- it is not a full dinner but you will have much to taste!

This is a Free Event, but we are asking for Every Guest to Please sign up to bring a dish or an item or items on our suggestion list to contribute. For food questions, do contact Sue Eisen.

If bringing a dish, consider preparing it for approx. 8 as a guide for quantity.

Take Them A Meal

Charoset  (Sign up to makea batch of Charoset from around the world, - Surinam, Curacaco, Morrocco, Italy, Yemen, India, Persia, Ameica? We have recipes to choose from or if you have a family recipe of your own)
1. Lori Corley   Syrian Date charoset Change   |   Remove
2. Maxine Hess   Charoset Change   |   Remove
3. Diana Lerner   Charoset Change   |   Remove
4. Caron Manley   charoset Change   |   Remove
5. Carolyn Rae   Mango Pineapple Charoset Balls Change   |   Remove
Wine  (Bring a bottle of kosher wine, from France, Italy, California, Israel?)
1. Janet Melnik   wine Change   |   Remove
2. Barbara Neuerman   kosher wine Change   |   Remove
3. Karen Melnick   Wine Change   |   Remove
4. Marcia Zimmerman   Wine Change   |   Remove
5. Susan Eisen   Kosher Moscato (Italian) Change   |   Remove
6. Katy DeSouza   Wine Change   |   Remove
Passover tidbits  (Any Passover dish from the diaspora to be served small plate style - Tzimmes, Gefilte fish, )
1. Janet Melnik   Gefiite fish Change   |   Remove
2. Paula Wilson   Matzah kugel Change   |   Remove
3. Kelly Wilson   Potato Tomato Gratin with Horseradish Change   |   Remove
4. Mimi Anapolle   Greek Egg Lemon Chicken Change   |   Remove
5. Sue Eisen   Cedar plank salmon with yellow pepper sauce Change   |   Remove
6. Sandi Gansel   Hungarian Goulash Change   |   Remove
7. Marge Krengel   Baba ganoush Change   |   Remove
8. Diane Edelstein   Potato Kugel Change   |   Remove
9. Arlene Mix   Matzoh Cheese Kugel or Potato Nick (Kugel) whichever coordinators prefer Change   |   Remove
10. Lisa Mallis   Passover Tsimmes-Russia Change   |   Remove
11. Lisa Mallis   mini matzah balls and soup Change   |   Remove
12. Susie Tabor   Greek egg lemon chicken Change   |   Remove
13. Susan Eisen   French Passover vegetable bundles Change   |   Remove
14.     Take
15.     Take
16.     Take
17.     Take
18.     Take
Eggs  (a dozen eggs, hard boiled or spiffed up, Deviled eggs?)
1. Cheryl RASKIND-HOOD   deviled eggs Change   |   Remove
2. Cheryl RASKIND-HOOD   deviled eggs Change   |   Remove
3. Cheryl RASKIND-HOOD   deviled eggs Change   |   Remove
Passover Dessert  (Any passowver dessert from the diaspora )
1. Vivian Brostoff   macaroons Change   |   Remove
2. Kathy Kestin   Dessert Change   |   Remove
3. Karen Howell   Dessert Change   |   Remove
4. Rachel Barich   Dessert Change   |   Remove
5. Amy Sweet   Dessert Change   |   Remove
Beverages  (2-3 sodas or jugs of tea or lemonade)
1.     Take
2.     Take
Horseradish  (3 jars)
1. Arlene Mix   3 jars horseradish Change   |   Remove
Matzah  (3 boxes kosher for Passover Matzah)
1.     Take
2.     Take
help to set up 2-3 pm Sunday  (we will start at 2, come as close to then as able )
1. Lori Corley   set up Change   |   Remove
2. Karen Melnick   Change   |   Remove
3. Janet Melnik   Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
help to clean up, 6pm-7pm  (we will start after event, stay till you are able or we finish! )
1. Kathy Kestin   Change   |   Remove
2. Arlene Mix   Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
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