SERVE Shelter Meal   ( Sun, February 28, 2021 . . .  4:00pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Eric Beckman  703.209.7125 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Greenwich, 15305 Vint Hill Road, Nokesville, VA 20181   [view map] Print

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To help with this meal, sign up for one or more items below. Prepare at home and bring to the church at 4pm on Sunday, February 28 (same time as our Drive-by Food Drive). Please bring everything ready to serve in a disposable tray. Also be sure that anyone involved in preparing food for this project is completely healthy (no fever, cough, or other symptoms of illness). And wash your hands a lot!

You'll notice that one of the slots below is for a meal delivery volunteer! Please signup and feel free to contact Eric with questions! or 703.209.7125

Cooked Chicken (8-10 individual pieces)  (cooked well and ready to eat (baked, fried, grilled, etc))
1. Scott Fisher   Chicken
2. Donald Blackwell   Baked BBQ
3. Susan Boyd   BBQ legs and thighs
4. Eric Beckman   fried chicken bucket
5. Eric Beckman   fried chicken bucket
6. Helen Taylor   Chicken Parmesan
7. Helen Taylor   Chicken Parmesan
8.     Take
Mashed Potatoes (4 lbs)  (make em anyway you like, just make a lot!)
1. Scott Fisher   Mashed Potatoes
2. Karolyn Gardner  
3. Karolyn Gardner  
4. Karolyn Gardner   Make a total of 3 5lb bags :-)
5. James Binniker   4 lbs mashed potatoes
6.     Take
Green Beans Cooked (3 lbs)  (must be cooked and hot, ready to serve)
1. Eggers   green bean casserole
2. Donald Blackwell   Green beans in ham base
3. James Binniker   3 lbs green beans
Grapes, Berries, or other Fruit (1 qt)  (variety of fruits of your choosing)
1. Karolyn Gardner  
2. Schelly Harrison  
3. Mindi OConnor   Grapes
4. Mindi OConnor   Berries
5. Helen Taylor   5# red grapes
6. Pam Lynn   1qt. red grapes
Chicken Nuggets Cooked (1 Package)  (simple nuggets or tenders for kids. please cook and bring hot)
1. Polly James   Dino nuggets
2. Polly James   Dino nuggets
3. Polly James   Dino nuggets
4. Polly James   Dino nuggets
Dinner Rolls (2 dozen)  (please bring hot and ready to serve)
1. Karolyn Gardner  
2. Karolyn Gardner  
3. Jenny Snellings   2 Dozen rolls
Gravy (large jar)  (please bring hot & ready to serve)
1. Polly James   Gravy
2. James Lynn   Lg. Gravy
3. Pam Lynn   Lg. Gravy
Frozen Lasagnas  (we are collecting lasagnas to be ready as a short-notice meal for the shelter)
1. Polly James   1 tray
2. Pat Eggera   1 tray lASAGNA
3. Karolyn Gardner  
4. Susan Boyd  
5. Susan Boyd  
6. Helen Taylor   Lasagna tray
7. Karen Binniker   Lasagna
8. Jenny Snellings   Lasagna tray
9.     Take
10.     Take
11.     Take
12.     Take
I VOLUNTEER TO DELIVER!  (Collect food at the church at 4pm and deliver to SERVE in Manassas at 4:45pm)
1. Karen & James Binniker