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Meal Coordinator:  Jennyfer Peterson  5714509650 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Nova Labs Print

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Join us for Maksgiving dinner with your makerspace friends and family. We're gathering for a friendly potluck Thanksgiving party dinner featuring turkey, ham, brisket, and all the delicious things you'll make and bring. This is great for anyone not traveling home for the holiday who wants to share a meal, conversation, and plenty of laughter. Nova labs will provide the plates, napkins, sodas
Take Them A Meal

1. Kelsey Metoxen   Crock pot lil smokies Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
3.     Take
4.     Take
Turkey/ham/other meat  (Cook and prep most of it before you come (will have food prep area))
1. Robin Renner   Roast Turkey Change   |   Remove
2. Paul Chase   BBQ Ribs Change   |   Remove
3. Jeanne Marshall   Turkey Change   |   Remove
4. Chris Hom   Glazed Ham - running late eta 1:15 done on site + learn how - 1pm ish (outside near the loading dock near IC) Change   |   Remove
5.     Take
6.     Take
Side Dish
1. Robin Renner   Balsamic Brussel sprouts Change   |   Remove
2. Dave Fritts   Mashed potatoes Change   |   Remove
3. Cas Shiver   Durkee Green Bean Casserole Change   |   Remove
4. Cas Shiver   Oyster stuffing Change   |   Remove
5. Shane Smith   candied sweet potatos Change   |   Remove
6. David Martosko   Pasta salad Change   |   Remove
7. Ian Hodges   Risotto Change   |   Remove
8. Jeanne Marshall   Cranberry sauce, gravy (gluten-free), & cornbread stuffing (gluten-free). Change   |   Remove
9. Karen James   Smashed purple potato Change   |   Remove
10. Nerine Clemenzi   Sweet potato casserole Change   |   Remove
11.     Take
12.     Take
Bread  (Ex: Cornbread, rolls, loafs of breat, try Great Harvest in Herndon)
1. Karen James   hawaiian sweet rolls Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
3.     Take
4.     Take
1. Alex Prim   Ice Cream Bread Change   |   Remove
2. Jeanne Marshall   Pumpkin Pie (gluten free) Change   |   Remove
3. Cas Shiver   Pecan Pie Change   |   Remove
4. Kelsey Metoxen   Gluten free apple pie Change   |   Remove
5. Kelsey Metoxen   Oreo truffles Change   |   Remove
6. Karen James   Costco pumpkin pie Change   |   Remove
7. Steve Fritzinger   Cheesecake Change   |   Remove
8.     Take
9.     Take
Beverage (other than soda)  (wine, beer, egg nog, juice)
1. Shane Smith   Eggnog ~ nutmeg Change   |   Remove
2. Karen James   Hot apple cider Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
4.     Take
5.     Take
Holiday decorations  (festive table cloths (not plastic please), decor)
1. Chris Hom   4-6 Festive Rectangle Table Cloths Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
3.     Take