Thanksgiving Dinner   ( Wed, November 22, 2023 . . .  5pm-8pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Sherri Southerland  3022661505 (VP) Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Reach Church ( in the dining room on the main floor), 2880 Summit Bridge Rd, Bear, DE 19701   [view map] Print

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Hi, we will provide turkey, ham, butter, coffee and creamer with sugar and sweeteners.

When you enter Reach Church Building, walk through the gym and the dining room is on left side of the gym. Please help provide foods, drink, etc., so that we will have plenty for everyone to eat and share.

If there is no more sign ups, please reach out to Sherri and will add more signups. Hope to see you on Wednesday Nov 22nd!!!
Take Them A Meal

Broccoli Cheese Casserole  (8X10 and gluten free if possible)
1. Sherri S   Change   |   Remove
Stuffing  (8X10 and gluten free if possible)
1. Louise Baugh   Change   |   Remove
Mashed Potatoes
1. Casta Basham   Change   |   Remove
Green Beans
1. Destiny Carson   Change   |   Remove
Corn  (Cook in crock pot a few hours before serving)
1. Carmella Patrone   Change   |   Remove
Sweet Potato Casserole  (8x10)
1. Pat Reeves   Sweet Potato Crunch casserole Change   |   Remove
Any kind of Casseroles/Side Dish
1. Sherri S   Cauliflower Casserole Change   |   Remove
2. Louise Baugh   Corn Pudding Change   |   Remove
3. Debra   Potato Salad Change   |   Remove
4. Pat Reeves   Scalloped Potatoes Change   |   Remove
5.     Take
6.     Take
7.     Take
8.     Take
1. Pat Reeves   Pumpkin Pie Change   |   Remove
2. Dale Schrack   Apple pie Change   |   Remove
3. Debra   Pecan Pie gluten free Change   |   Remove
4. Pat Reeves   Black bottom cupcakes Change   |   Remove
5. Sherri   Crustless pumpkin pie GF Change   |   Remove
6. Carmella Patrone   Homemade Cookies Change   |   Remove
7. Eldon Lingg   Apple Cider Drinks Change   |   Remove
8. Louise Baugh   Bread Pudding Change   |   Remove
Water Bottles  (24 pk spring water bottles)
1. Bill M   Water bottle Change   |   Remove
2. Bill M   Water bottle Change   |   Remove
3. Carmella Patrone   Change   |   Remove
4. Carmella Patrone   Change   |   Remove
Rolls (12-24 ct)  (Please state how many rolls you'll bring)
1. Boss M   24 dinner rolls Change   |   Remove
2. Carmella Patrone   Change   |   Remove
Cranberry Sauce
1. Ronald Chisolm   Cranbury Sauce Change   |   Remove
Turkey Gravy
1. Carmella Patrone   Change   |   Remove