Sunday Celebration - All Saint's Day Kids Carnival Sign Up   ( Sun, October 31, 2021 . . .  11:15am )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Adam Ranck  717-278-9310 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Grace Church , 21129 Timberlake Rd, Lynchburg, VA 24502   [view map] Print

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Oct 31 is our next Sunday to celebrate what God is doing and enjoy time as a family! At 10am and 10:30am, we'll gather at our Indoor and Outdoor Service to sing, pray and hear stories of faith from those before us, shared by people in our community.

Outdoors after the services around 11:15am, the Youth Group will host a Kid's carnival and we will share a potluck meal. There will be activities like face painting, a temporary tattoo booth, cornhole, ring toss, and other youth-designed games.

If you'd like to either help with food or attend the potluck and Kids Carnival after the service, sign up to bring a dish below (one dish per family).
Take Them A Meal

Main Dish
1. James Citty   Chicken enchiladas Change   |   Remove
2. Sandy Gray   Chili Change   |   Remove
3. Kacie Kirshberger   Potato soup Change   |   Remove
4. Charity Torrence   Meatball subs Change   |   Remove
5. Naomi Hostetler   meatballs Change   |   Remove
6. Ashley Fisher   Chili Change   |   Remove
7. Shelley Scranton   Hasbrown beef and cheesy casserole Change   |   Remove
8. Sarah Hamilton   Chicken quesadilla Change   |   Remove
9. Carmen Sand   Butter chicken with rice Change   |   Remove
10.     Take
11.     Take
12.     Take
13.     Take
Side Dish
1. Alicia Morgan   homemade mac and cheese Change   |   Remove
2. James Citty   Chips and salsa Change   |   Remove
3. Jennifer Love   veggie tray Change   |   Remove
4. Naomi Hostetler   rice Change   |   Remove
5. Kathy Fesmire   potato salad Change   |   Remove
6. Brian Morykon   Pasta Salad Change   |   Remove
7. Kirsten Donohue   Mixed Green Salad Change   |   Remove
8. Ashley Fisher   Tortilla Chips/ cilantro/ cheese Change   |   Remove
9. Renee Tannian   Coconut Cream pie and apples/cheese, caramel dip Change   |   Remove
10.     Take
11.     Take
12.     Take
13.     Take
1. The Scranton Family   come kind of cookies Change   |   Remove
2. Elaine Leitch   Pumpkin muffins Change   |   Remove
3. Eileen Habermas   Ch chip cake Change   |   Remove
4. Mary Torrence   Cake Change   |   Remove
5. Michelle Van Den Bos   Cookies! Change   |   Remove
6. Ashley Fisher   Brownie bites Change   |   Remove
7. Katie Gilligan   Cranberry Pumpkin Banana Bread Change   |   Remove
8. Sarah Hamilton   Chocolate chip cookies Change   |   Remove
9. Carmen Sand   Cookie butter cupcakes Change   |   Remove
10. Hubbard Family   Brownie Squares Change   |   Remove
11.     Take
12.     Take
13.     Take