Hallows Brunch Party   ( Sun, June 24, 2018 . . .  10:30 a.m. )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  The Hallows Church  6155257068 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   The Hallows Church North Expression, 19303 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133   [view map] Print

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Plan to hang around after our worship gathering on June 24th for our next Quarterly Brunch Party! As a network of missional communities that gather together on Sundays to worship, we hope these Quarterly Parties will enable our tables to become a place of grace, community and mission on a wider scale. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people, deepen old relationships, and eat amazing food!

The Hallows Church will provide a variety of breakfast burritos. Sign up below to bring a side to share. We look forward to seeing you there!

Meat  (Bacon, sausage, etc.)
1. Millie Sondles Bacon Change   |   Remove
2. Carol Laherty 2069315967 Sausages Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
Side Dish  (potato dish, hard boiled eggs, yogurt and granola, etc)
1. Elizabeth Murray Yogurt Change   |   Remove
2. Hannah Mason 4252440441 Potatoes (of some sort) Change   |   Remove
3. Hannah Mason 4252440441 Green Salad Change   |   Remove
4. Cheryl Hartman 4252730333 Deviled eggs Change   |   Remove
5. Cheryl Hartman 4252730333 Yogurt & granola Change   |   Remove
6.     Take
7.     Take
1. Jaenice Cu Berries Change   |   Remove
2. Elaine Park A variety Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
4.     Take
5.     Take
Bread  (Muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, etc)
1. Emilie McFarlane 2069923016 3 loaves of pumpkin bread Change   |   Remove
2. Mille Sondles 2064370330 Birthday Cake Change   |   Remove
Set-up  (We will need help setting up tables and prepping food before the gathering. Sign up if you would like to help and we will contact you with more details.)
1. Mary Ann Hudson 6155257068 Change   |   Remove
2. Emilie McFarlane 2069923016 Change   |   Remove
3. Becky Crowl 2067080624 Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
Tear-down  (We will also need some help after the brunch to make sure we leave the space clean and tidy. Please place your name here if you will be able to help clean up.)
1. Emilie McFarlane 2069923016 Change   |   Remove
2. Mary Ann HUdson 6155257068 Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
4.     Take