KB Summer BBQ/Picnic   ( Sun, July 10, 2022 . . .  11:00am-2:00pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Cheryl Meadow and Ellen Forman  781-879-4893 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Larz Anderson Park, Newton Street and Goddard Avenue, Brookline, MA 02445   [view map] Print

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Hello Friends!

We look forward to seeing you!

As a reminder, we'll provide the beef and veggie burgers, hot dogs, and all of the fixings as well as beverages. After you sign up for your potluck item, PLEASE CLICK on the RED link below to place your ORDER.

You may park legally on the same side of the road as the parking lot BEFORE you reach it (we recommend taking a spot if you see one) or you may park in the lot space permitting.

We'll be meeting under the Picnic Shelter. The area is wheel chair accessible. Public restrooms are available. Picnic tables are situated under the shelter and we encourage you to bring lawn chairs/blankets if you'd prefer to picnic on the grass and in the sun.

We'll supply paper goods, cups, and utensils but encourage you to bring your own BEVERAGES, reusables from home to reduce waste. (We'll be composting onsite.)

There are some picnic tables - but suggest you bring chairs/blankets.

Please bring along some games and musical instruments!

No pets allowed (except for service animals.) No alcohol allowed.

Questions? Email Cheryl at csmeadow@comcast.net.

CLICK HERE for Location and Parking Map

Green Salad
1. Gladys Maged   Green Salad Change   |   Remove
2. Hillary Pizer   Green salad Change   |   Remove
3. Jane Buchbinder   Green salad Change   |   Remove
Side Dish  (Potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salad, veggies, etc.)
1. Cameron Sacarny   roasted veggies Change   |   Remove
2. Bambi Good   bean-based side dish Change   |   Remove
3. Carolyn Schneyer   Beet salad Change   |   Remove
4. Cheryl Meadow   Corn salad Change   |   Remove
5. Jan Lewis   Farro salad Change   |   Remove
6. Ruth Smolash   couscous salad Change   |   Remove
7. Lori Stern   pasta salad Change   |   Remove
8. Mora Rothenberg   Pita/hummus Change   |   Remove
9. Sara Laschever   Kale salad Change   |   Remove
10. Leora Faiber   veggie dish TBD Change   |   Remove
11. Roberta Bauer   cole slaw Change   |   Remove
12. Matt Bernstein   Broccoli slaw Change   |   Remove
13. Tegan Kehoe   radish and onion pickles Change   |   Remove
14.     Take
15.     Take
Fruit/Fruit Salad
1. Judith Adler   Fruit salad Change   |   Remove
2. Mitch Hilton   Fruit Salad Change   |   Remove
3. Ben Lieberman   Fruit Change   |   Remove
4. Ellen Sugarman   Fruit salad Change   |   Remove
5. Bill Kadish   Watermelon Change   |   Remove
1. Eve Brandel   Brownies Change   |   Remove
2. Ellen Forman   Cookie tray Change   |   Remove
3. Lidia Pruente   Pie Change   |   Remove
Volunteer  (Schlep and Set Up 10:15-11:00am)
1. Cameron Sacarny   roasted veggies Change   |   Remove
2. Gladys Maged   Change   |   Remove
3. Judy Adler   Fruit salad Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
Volunteer  (Grilling 11:00-11:30am )
1. Paul Rickter   Change   |   Remove
2. Ben Lieberman   Fruit Change   |   Remove
Volunteer  (Grilling 11:30am-12:00pm)
1. Steve Kumins   moderate grilling skills Change   |   Remove
2. Neil Faiber   Change   |   Remove
Volunteer  (Grilling 12:00-12:30pm)
1. Sara Laschever   Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
Volunteer  (Clean Up and Schlep 2:00-2:30pm)
1. Eve Brandel   Change   |   Remove
2. Phil Mattson   Change   |   Remove
3. Bambi Good   vounteer for clean up Change   |   Remove
4. Tim Riley   Change   |   Remove