Logos School Benefit Auction - Dessert Dash   ( Sat, April 1, 2023 . . .  5:30pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Bethany Calene  208-503-6601 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Logos Gym, 110 Baker Street, Moscow, ID 83843   [view map] Print

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Thank you for volunteering to donate a baked good to the Logos Auction Dessert Dash!
Here are the details:
+ Donations need to be delivered directly to the Logos gym at one of two drop off times:
1. During set up from 9:30-12:30 or 3:30-5 on auction day (Saturday, April 1)
2. When the auction begins/or when you arrive at the auction. No later than 5:30, please.
+ Baked goods need to be both delicious and extremely tempting to the eye as potential
bidders will have all evening leading up to the Dessert Dash to be wowed and tempted by them.
+ Each item needs to serve 10-12 adults.
+ Donations must be brought on some kind of labeled or disposable stand, pedestal or
serving tray. (Serving dishes can be picked up upon the conclusion of the auction).
+ Labels/cards will be provided to label your dessert.
+ Please bring donations that can be displayed all evening (NO ice cream or anything
that will melt).
+ Pretty wrapping and/or boxes are fun, but if you choose to wrap individual items, be
sure to leave several out so potential donors can get a really good look!
+ It is not required, but feel free to incorporate the Tuscan auction theme into your
PLEASE MAKE A NOTE OF WHAT YOU ARE MAKING ONCE YOU HAVE DECIDED. This will help us assure a good variety of desserts for our bidders!
Take Them A Meal

1. Evie Grauke   Princess Cake Change   |   Remove
2. Mari Calene   Lemon Blueberry Cake Change   |   Remove
3. Carolyn Wilson   Change   |   Remove
4. Grace Mortimore   Chocolate peanut butter Oreo cake Change   |   Remove
5. Bre Vestal   Orange Butter Cake w Salted Honey Custard Change   |   Remove
6. Lyndsay McManus   Pistachio Cake Change   |   Remove
7. Leslie Taylor   chocolate ganache layer angel food from scratch with chocolate mousse on top Change   |   Remove
8. Nicole Marines   Dark chocolate mousse cake Change   |   Remove
9. Ashley Short   Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Cake Change   |   Remove
10. Manisha Wilson   TBD Change   |   Remove
11. Manisha Wilson   TBD Change   |   Remove
12. Mallory Barendregt   Guinness cake with Irish cream froasting Change   |   Remove
13. Carla Courtney   Lemon blueberry swirl cheesecake Change   |   Remove
14. Will Knecht   Fresh strawberry cake Change   |   Remove
15. Will Knecht   Hot milk sponge cake Change   |   Remove
16. Christy Kohl   Change   |   Remove
17. Valerie Wintz   Chocolate Cake with Penuche Frosting Change   |   Remove
18. Chantelle Wilson   Chocolate Cake Change   |   Remove
19. Elizabeth Evans   Macaron variety pack Change   |   Remove
20. Ginger Elmore   3175327290 Change   |   Remove
21. Julia Miller   Hummingbird Cake with Cream Cheese frosting Change   |   Remove
22. Janice Kohl   Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting Change   |   Remove
23. Jael Otto Zahara Smits   Tiramisu Crepe Cake Change   |   Remove
24. Nicole Marines   Cinnamon snickerdoodle cake Change   |   Remove
25. Penny Rench   Change   |   Remove
26. Bethany Frigone   Chocolate bunt cake with pecan Carmel topping Change   |   Remove
27. Kathryn Kuranaga   Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Change   |   Remove
28. Bethany Calene   Tiramisu Change   |   Remove
29. Kelly Driskill   Chocolate mousse cake Change   |   Remove
30. Joy Unger   Change   |   Remove
31. Joy Unger   Change   |   Remove
32. Nicole Marines   Lemon butter cake Change   |   Remove