Family Shelter Christmas Party - WPC & GPC   ( Thu, December 21, 2023 . . .  2:30-4:00pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Mary Crigler  (703) 927-0470 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Meal Drop Off at Warrenton Pres or Greenwich - Party is at Warrenton Pres, 91 Main Street , Warrenton, VA 20186   [view map] Print

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Please help us provide a delicious holiday meal for the residents of the Family Shelter to celebrate Christmas by preparing and delivering home cooked food and other supplies.

Your contributions can be dropped off between 2:30 and 4:00pm on Thursday, December 21 at Warrenton Presbyterian Church (91 Main Street, Warrenton) or Greenwich Presbyterian Church (15305 Vint Hill Road, Nokesville). Please prepare food in a disposable pan or other container. Items can be brought cold, and we'll make sure everything is heated up before it's served.

When you sign up, please include what you're bringing and which location (WPC or GPC) in your "What I'll Bring" note. Food delivered to Greenwich will be magically transported to Warrenton after 4pm. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Take Them A Meal

Ham  (Spiral Sliced)
1. Judy Fretts   ham - aprox 12-14#
2. Linda Simms   To Greenwich
3. Stacey Zavattieri   Greenwich
4. Leslie McMillan   GPC
5. Suzan Hawthorne   ham to GPC
6. Karen Carruthers   Ham to GPC
7. Aprill Place   ham to GPC
8. Cathy Ryan   spiral cut ham to GPC
9. Aprill Place   Ham to GPC
Mashed Potatoes  (20 servings each)
1. Cindy Henson  
2. Cindy Henson  
3. Kathy Brown   mashed potatoes
4. Earlene DeFazio  
5. Maria Duffus  
6. Kathy Stanley   Mashed potatoes
7.     Take
Stuffing  (20 servings each)
1. Schelly Harrison   Stuffing/ GPC
2. Serena Brown   Stuffing w/ onion, cel, green peppe - wpc
3. Barbara Boryschuk   Stuffing/GPC
4. Katy Brown   French bread stuffing
5. Suzanne Lynn   Stiffing
6. Lyda Barnhart   Stuffing
7. Kristin Thurston  
Green Beans  (Casserole or Steamed, 20 servings each)
1. Kristin Thurston   Steamed
2. Kristin Thurston   Steamed
3. Helen Taylor   WPC
4. Helen Taylor   WPC
5. Malinda Kroskie   Green bean casserole-GPC
6. Meredith Hinkey   Steamed
7. Kristin Thurston  
Dinner Rolls  (20 rolls each)
1. Lisa House   Rolls
2. Mary Crigler   WPC
3. Mary Crigler   WPC
4. Nicole Thornton   Rolls
5. Dave Davis   Dinner Rolls
6. Suzan Hawthorne   Dinner rolls to GPC
7. Kathi Collins   Dinner rolls
8. Kathi Collins   Rolls- WPC
Dessert  (Pie, cookies, etc. - 8 Servings each)
1. Jo Moury   Sheet cake (flavor TBD)
2. Lisa House   Cookies
3. Leslie McMillan   Cookies-GPC
4. Mary Crigler   TBD - WPC
5. Beverly christiana   banana bread
6. Earlene DeFazio   Cake - Chocolate
7. Kathi Collins   Brownies
8. Susan Boyd   Cookies
9. Susan Boyd   Peanut Butter Pie - GPC
10. Valerie Hermes   Cookies
11. Julie Lahann   pecan pie - GPC
12. Joy Yates   Cookies - GPC
13. Mindi O'Connor   Lemon pound cake
14. Mindi O'Connor   Lemon pound cake
15. Charlene Beckett   Cookies