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Meal Coordinator:  David Morgan  6013662433 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Unitarian Universalist Church of Jackson , 3209 N West St, Jackson , MS 39216   [view map] Print

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On November 19, UUJXN will celebrate our annual Stone Soup Sunday. Stone Soup is a story about a community coming together for the common good.
Before the service begins, everyone is encouraged to bring ingredients to add to the prepared chicken, beef, and vegan soup stocks (or bread or a dessert). After we prepare the meal, we'll retell the story then share our co-created meal. Since the story of Stone Soup is about giving, we'll also take up an additional offering for Stewpot, an local organization dedicated to fighting hunger and homelessness.
Please sign up here to share what items you will bring. We'll open the sanctuary at 10:00 AM to begin cooking and lunch will be served around 11:30 AM.
UUJXN Stone Soup Sunday
Take Them A Meal

Prepped Vegetables (Carrots, Potatoes, Celery, Oni  ((Frozen or canned. Pre-cut for soup. List which vegetable you're bringing))
1. Natalie Maynor   Celery Change   |   Remove
2. Natalie Maynor   Gnocchi Change   |   Remove
3. Amy Craig   Carrots Change   |   Remove
4. Seth Wheatleyiii   Chopped / diced idaho and sweet potatoes Change   |   Remove
5. Sue Moss   Canned corn Change   |   Remove
6. Sue Moss   More canned diced tomatoes Change   |   Remove
7.     Take
8.     Take
Package of Rice
1. L. Patricia Ice   Rice Change   |   Remove
Package of Barley
1. Seth Wheatleyiii   Box of pearl barley Change   |   Remove
3 Cans of Beans  ((List what bean type you are bringing.))
1. Natalie Maynor   Garbanzo Beans Change   |   Remove
2. Ellen Moore (visitor)   great northern beans Change   |   Remove
3. Seth Wheatleyiii   Black beans, Hominy Change   |   Remove
1 Can of Chopped Tomatoes
1. Amy Craig   Tomatoes Change   |   Remove
Sliced Bread, Rolls, or Crackers  ((Pre-sliced or individual portions. List what you are bringing.))
1. Jill Morgan   Cornbread Change   |   Remove
2. L. Patricia Ice   Raisin Challah Bread Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
4.     Take
Dessert  ((Pre-sliced or individual portions. List what you are bringing.))
1.     Take
2.     Take
3.     Take
4.     Take