Methow Memorial Day weekend   ( Sat, May 25, 2024 . . .  5pm )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Mary Keppler  4259237287 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   River Campground, central fire ring Print

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WKC is generously contributing Hot dogs and chicken dogs and buns!

Bring your own ice, plates, flatware, cup, chair, hand sanitizer, long BBQ stick for fire

Friday night: Need decision on central campsite for potluck, ring. Also staging up: firewood, starting paper, starting fire stick.
Saturday: Need someone to sign up to get fire started ~ 1 hour before dinner, set up tables.
NO FOOD LEFT OUT AFTER POTLUCK! Must clear your leftover food away from potluck before you leave Saturday night.

Take Them A Meal

1. SUSAN CONRAD   CHIPS AND SALSA Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
3.     Take
4.     Take
Main Dish  (Alternative to hot dogs (consider vegetarian))
1. Jim Overton   Vegan and GF chilli with corn bread Change   |   Remove
2. Chi Tran   Hot cocoa mix and a bottle of fireball Change   |   Remove
3. Yesenia Cooley Pascual   Bratwursts & buns Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
5.     Take
Side Dish
1. Hieu Hoang   Cheeses and crackers Change   |   Remove
2. Parker Walker   Orzo Salad Change   |   Remove
3. Erika Baxter   Baked beans Change   |   Remove
4. Doug Knapp   potato salad Change   |   Remove
5. Dennis Keller   Macoroni Salad Change   |   Remove
6.     Take
7.     Take
8.     Take
Vegetarian side dish
1. Jameson Riser   Texas corn & bean salad Change   |   Remove
2. Lars Freeman-Wood   Pesto pasta salad Change   |   Remove
3. Martin Fryer   Fruit platter Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
5.     Take
6.     Take
7.     Take
8.     Take
1. Caleb Overby   Rice Krispie treats Change   |   Remove
2. Susan Conrad   something CHOCOLATE! Change   |   Remove
Beverage  (Mostly bring your own but we love to share)
1.     Take
2.     Take
Cups, Plates, Napkins  (Need 100 paper towels, just a few plates, flatware for forgetting people )
1. Kanako Iwata-Eng   100 napkins, 20 cups/plates Change   |   Remove
2.     Take
Utensils  (Some serving spoons, slotted spoons, spatulas, stir sticks )
1.     Take
2.     Take
Tables  (Very important )
1. Susan Conrad   Square "Roll Table" Change   |   Remove
2. Susan Conrad   4'x2' folding table Change   |   Remove
3. Jim Overton   Pop up table Change   |   Remove
4. Doug Knapp   2x4 metal table Change   |   Remove
Condiments  (Need 1 of each: ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, mayo, kraut, onions, etc)
1. Mary Keppler   Mustard, ketchup Change   |   Remove
2. Jameson Riser   pickle relish, onions Change   |   Remove
Fire wood  (Need 20)
1. Bob Schneider   couple bundles of firewood Change   |   Remove
2. Caleb Overby   Few bundles of hard wood Change   |   Remove
Contractor trash bags  (Need 10)
1. Caleb Overby   10 extra large trash bags Change   |   Remove
Tarp & poles  (Just in case, have not needed in previous years.)
1.     Take
Shredded cheese
1. Chi Tran   Change   |   Remove
Recycle Boss  (One person to direct recycling of cans, paper, etc. Consider bringing containers for you to transport recyclables out of campsite, etc.)
1. Jim Overton   Bags and bins for recycling Change   |   Remove
4pm Saturday Fire Starter  (One person to start fire prior to kayakers returning from the river; get the coals going)
1.     Take