Rosh Hashanah Luncheon   ( Mon, September 26, 2022 . . .  12:30 )    scroll down to sign up... Admin Password: GO!

Meal Coordinator:  Rebecca Warshawsky  512-736-0537 Invite Friends

Meal Location:   Dillon Community Church, 371 LaBonte St, Dillon, CO 80435   [view map] Print

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A POINT OF CLARIFICATION: ALL CONGREGANTS ARE INVITED TO THE POTLUCK LUNCHEON, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU BRING A DISH! Thank you for bringing potluck to our Rosh Hashanah luncheon! Please drop off your dish in the morning prior to our 10 AM service at the church. at's Also, even though I don't have a section for main courses, if you'd like to bring a main course that's great! Let me know if you have any questions. Again thanks! Rebecca Warshawsky

Sliced Apples and honey
1. Sherry Kornreich   Apples and honey Change   |   Remove
2. Darlena Marmins   Honey cake Change   |   Remove
3. Cheryl Otto   Apples and honey Change   |   Remove
1. Donna Shear   Kugel Change   |   Remove
2. max stappler   kugel Change   |   Remove
3. sharon Shofnos   Kugel Change   |   Remove
4. Sarah Jacobson   Apple Kugel Change   |   Remove
5. Alison Rabinoff   Savory kugul Change   |   Remove
Tossed Salad
1. Fran Savarick   Chick pea salad Change   |   Remove
2. Peggy Kornreich   Tossed salad Change   |   Remove
3. Caroline Manion   Butternut Squash & Pomegranate Salad Change   |   Remove
4. Ruth Kaplan   Faro salad Change   |   Remove
5. Arlyne Lepie   Coleslaw Change   |   Remove
6. Tracy Lieberman   Kale Salad Change   |   Remove
7.     Take
Fruit Salad
1. Melissa Forstein   Fruit salad Change   |   Remove
2. Joyce Ruderman   Fruit y Change   |   Remove
3.     Take
veggie trays
1. Diane Gordon   Veggie tray Change   |   Remove
2. Abbe Gold   Veggies/ dip Change   |   Remove
3. Margaret Gilbert   Veggie tray Change   |   Remove
4.     Take
crackers and cheese tray
1. Lorrie Schroffel   Cheese and crackers Change   |   Remove
2. Terry Whitehouse   Crackers and cheese Change   |   Remove
1. Pamela Reingold   Peanut Butter Cookies Change   |   Remove
2. Sue Payer   Scones Change   |   Remove
3. Sue Payer   Scones Change   |   Remove
4. Char Hajny   Gluten free oatmeal cookies Change   |   Remove
1. kathy elsner   Brownies Change   |   Remove
2. Fredi Novin   Brownies Change   |   Remove
3. Roberta Klibaner   Brownies Change   |   Remove