Favorite Soup Recipes Meant for Sharing


Favorite Soup Recipes Meant for Sharing
Like many of you, our family is facing a busy holiday season. When I think about preparing meals that are healthy, cost effective, and delicious, soups come to mind. My mother-in-law raised five boys. I've asked her countless times how she survived feeding them (large appetites included) and her response is large vats of food! By vats, she means soups or stews! Below are a few of my favorite soups for you to try this December in hopes that one pot will provide you with several days of meals or extra to share.
As we prepare for the abundance of sweet treats over the holidays, stews can be a great way to balance those indulgences. They are also wonderful meals to share! There is usually enough to set extra aside for later or take as a meal to a loved one in need of a warm meal.
  • Simple Beef Stew - On Facebook, we asked what recipes you know by heart and can prepare without reading directions. Beef stew is one of those recipes for me. Here is a recipe similar to the one I love throwing together. I double up the ingredients so my soup lasts our family 2-3 days. We stretch soups like this by serving it alongside fresh sourdough bread!
  • Old Fashioned Pea Soup - I found this recipe by Emeril Lagasse when we took a winter vacation to North Conway, New Hampshire. The soup was warm, delicious and surprisingly popular! I served it with a side salad. The split peas were silky smooth. I would definitely recommend adding this soup to your recipe tin for safe keeping! Looking to save time in the kitchen? This Instant Pot Vegan Split Pea Soup looks delicious and comes together in 35 minutes!
  • Sweet Potato Chili - The sweet potatoes in this chili add dimension and give a heartiness my family loves! The flavor of the sweet potatoes balances out the warm chili seasonings. You can serve this chili as is or as a topping to baked potatoes. Mix it up during the week by trying it both ways!
  • Potato Soup with Bacon and Chives - Since we moved almost two years ago, my mom and I have kept a sweet tradition involving potato soup. Every year, our town hosts a Christmas parade and we are lucky enough to live within walking distance to a good seat! We make potato soup for dinner and enjoy a bowl before we go. This recipe is a Take Them A Meal Favorite and is made using a slow cooker!
  • Beef Bourguignon - Often after we welcomed a new baby into our family, my mother-in-law would make us beef bourguignon. It's one of my husband's favorite meals. I'm sharing this Instant Pot version hoping it will become one of your favorites as well!
Do you have any stew recipes you love and want to share with us? We'd love to hear!
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This season, I hope you try some (or all) of these recipes to warm your kitchen and heart.

Favorite Soup Recipes Meant for Sharing

#1: This crock pot chicken fajita recipe is one of my favorites because it only requires a few ingredients, and you can prepare it beforehand or make it into a freezer meal.
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#3: Check out this awesome meal spotlight featuring a meal taken by one of our users! We love seeing the meals you take!
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