Our NEW Meal Carriers are Now Available


Our NEW Meal Carriers are Now Available
We've designed an insulated meal carrier that's not your average casserole carrier! Available in two sizes!
Our NEW meal carriers are a dream come true! For years, Scott and I have wanted a way to easily transport meals while also having additional space for the extras that go along with taking a meal. When we couldn't find the carrier we needed, we designed one for you and us!

Our NEW Meal Carriers are Now Available

What makes these meal carriers unique is their depth! You have room for your main dish and additional items without having to carry another bag. The double meal carrier also allows you to bring hot/cold items together and you can stack multiple heavy dishes.
Our hope is to save you time as you care for your friends and family by making it easier to transport your entire meal. Our meal carriers also make great gifts for those in your life who consistently care for others through food.

Our NEW Meal Carriers are Now Available

#1: This 5-minute Reese's Snack Mix is the perfect treat to send along with a meal! Remember to make extra so you can enjoy it, too, because it really is that good!
#2: If you're looking for fun containers to take meals in this holiday season, we found great options at Tjmaxx!
#3: Who doesn't love chicken parmesan? It's one of those meals that's too good to turn down! This Dump and Bake Chicken Parmesan is an easy meal you can take!
#4: This "Bee Well Soon" gift basket is a great way to show a sick friend you are thinking of them!
#5: Using your crock pot can make preparing a meal for someone much easier, so here are some great crock pot recipes we recommend!

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Adina & Maureen
Adina & Maureen

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