Wedding of Abigail & Ray!   ( Aug 24, 2019 . . .  4:00 PM )

Meal Coordinator:  Abigail Bower  603-748-0265

Meal Location:   Kearsarge Gore Farm,  173 Gore Rd., Warner, NH 03278

Notes from Abigail Bower . . .

THANK YOU sweet people so much for contributing to our Wedding Potluck! Now this will be quite the meal! Much love to you all.

We'll serve:
Kearsarge Gore Farm Burgers
KGF Assorted Grilled Vegetables
KGF Mixed Salads

We need help with:
Side Dishes! (Casseroles, Lasagna, Grains, Veggie and Non, etc.)

*Note -- Please avoid bringing anything that needs to be served in a bowl such as soups

Our Wedding festivities will begin at 4 pm on Saturday, August 24th, with food/dinner to begin by 6. If arriving with your potluck contribution the day of, please arrive by 3 pm. Our most favorite parking people and potluck people and forest people of the universe will help direct you with the food when you arrive -- Food will be taken to the lower packinghouse for storage in the walk-in cooler (either by shuttle or by you depending on when you arrive), and then you'll be showed the way to go park!

And let the Festivities begin <3