Journey Out Supplies Collection   ( Feb 27, 2022 . . .  6PM )

Meal Coordinator:  Barbara Karplus

Meal Location:   By Feb 27, deliver items to collection box at church or at Heather Knoedler's house, or have on-line ordered items delivered directly to Heather's house. You will get an automated reminder on Feb 24,  161 Silas Ave, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Notes from Barbara Karplus . . .

If you are shipping to Heather's house, please add a comment "Shipping to Heather's" in the "What I'll bring" section so Heather can keep an eye out.

If you're donating an item with a size, please note the size in the "What I'll bring" section.

Questions? Call Heather Knoedler (805-498-7668 - not a cell) or call or text Barbara Karplus (805-551-6814). Please provide items to the collection box at church or to 161 Silas Ave, Newbury Park 91320. Thank you for your support for this ministry!