10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry


10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry
I can hear my husband's voice now, "Where are the oven mitts this time?!" This is a common question in my kitchen. Things go missing because they aren't returned to the same place each time. I enjoy a clean, tidy house - but I joke and tell my guests not to open any closets!
January is a time when I naturally turn my focus to cleaning my home. This month, I decided to organize my pantry and take you along! After completing this somewhat overwhelming task, everyone in my house will appreciate knowing where to find the oven mitts. My husband especially.

10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry

Step 1: Take everything out
There is no way to see where items need to go without knowing what you have. I took everything out of my pantry to start the process. This let me see multiples and I discovered three jars of dill! The next time a recipe calls for this ingredient, I know I won't need to buy it!
Step 2: Vacuum and Wipe Shelves Clean
Take the opportunity to vacuum and wipe down the pantry shelves. I'm amazed how dirty mine were. By doing this now, you will thank yourself later!
Step 3: Organize by Type
Organizing by type means similar items can be placed together. I took two shelves and designated one for sweeteners and the other for baking supplies. The next time my daughter makes cookies, everything will be accessible and easy to find! That's a win for me.
Step 4: Decide What is Used Most Often
Deciding what gets used the most often will determine where they should go. If using seasonings daily, you shouldn't place them on a shelf that is the hardest to reach. Keep the ingredients you use the most at counter height. That way you're not reaching or bending down to grab what you need the most often.
Step 5: Place Heavy Items Low
Have you ever rummaged through your pantry only to knock the napkins and they all come cascading down? Place heavy items down low, so there isn't the threat of something heavy falling. Canned goods, bags of flour, or even appliances should stay towards the bottom.

10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry

Step 6: Trash Expired Items
While organizing, you may find grocery items that have expired. Take this time to discard any food items that are past their date. I found two expired items in my pantry. One date was from 2021!
Step 7: Use Baskets for Spices
If you don't have a spice rack on your counter or a built-in spice cabinet, baskets are great for keeping spice jars contained. I found mine from Walmart. They are narrow enough to fit the width of my shelves and I can pull the entire basket out when hunting for the spice I need.
Step 8: Bins with Sealable Lids For Loose Flour
Last year, I decided to stop buying bread and make our own. We buy flour in bulk, so it's always on hand. I poured my flour into sealable OXO containers like these. Paper flour and sugar bags always seem to spill a bit. These flour and sugar containers make pouring flour or sugar into measuring cups a breeze!
Step 9: Mason Jars Pull Double Duty
I love having items in my kitchen that serve a dual purpose. Fill empty jars with dry goods such as rice, sugar, or pasta noodles. Instead of taking up space in my cabinet, they help keep items neatly organized in my pantry.

10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry

I hope I've inspired you to rethink how you utilize the space in your pantry! Taking steps like these to make your home efficient will make the entire cooking process easier when you are cooking for your family or someone else's. The hardest working spaces in our homes deserve a little TLC. Happy organizing!

10 Simple Steps to an Organized Pantry

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