A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along With a Meal


A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along With a Meal
I received a letter after my surgery almost three years ago that remains memorable even years later. A dear friend wrote to me while I was in surgery and mailed the letter so that it would be delivered when I was home recovering. Upon opening her letter, I was delighted to find two packets of flower seeds along with her very kind words cheering me on. She said they were easy to grow and hoped they would bless me with bouquets of flowers when I was feeling better. I couldn't wait to plant them.
If you are looking for ways to add cheer, sending a packet of seeds is a thoughtful extra you could send along with a meal you are taking to a friend. You could also mail them directly in a letter of encouragement like my friend did. The wonderful thing about doing this is that you can mail a packet or two without requiring extra postage.
There are any number of reasons why sending a thoughtful gesture like this could bring sunshine into a loved one's life.
You could send a packet to someone:
  • To remember a birthday (send their favorite flower or color)
  • To plant in memory of a loved one
  • To cheer up a friend
  • To include with a meal or a care package after surgery, like my friend did
  • To celebrate a new home

A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along With a Meal

Sending seed packets in a letter is the easiest way to extend this gesture, but if you are looking for something a little more custom, I love the idea of using plantable flower seed paper cards. The card can be planted directly in the soil after it is read and enjoyed! I also love this idea of how to display your seed packets! By simply reusing a berry carton and wrapping some twine around your packets, you have a beautiful, rustic display to send along with your meal that would cheer anyone's heart.
I am already seeing seed displays at my local grocery store. The next time you are taking a meal and feel like adding a thoughtful extra, pick up a few packets of flowers (or vegetables for the summer garden lover) and pop them next to your meal. I love how easy this is and the amount of joy it can bring. It would be extra thoughtful to check on your friend in a few months to see how their flowers are growing!

A Thoughtful Extra to Send Along With a Meal

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