A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

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A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets
My husband and I frequently reminisce about our first dog, a reminder of the deep love pets offer and the void they leave. Soon after we got married, we wanted a house for the purpose of getting a dog. Following several weeks of searching, we noticed a flier on the SPCA's door advertising a dog in foster care. She had one ear up and one ear down in her photo which endeared her to us from the start. She was a mixed breed who was not too big, but not too small. We decided she would suit us perfectly!
We adopted Violet who came to the SPCA as a stray. She proved to be exceptionally loyal and wholeheartedly embraced our family, always sporting her distinctive purple collar. We would often tease that she hit the lottery by us choosing her (especially given her crazy flier photo), but in truth, we did. She would run like the wind when we wanted to run, but she was equally content to curl up beside us. We shared 17 years of Frosty Paws celebrations before we had to say goodbye.
For several years, Violet's collar has hung on the doorknob in my husband's office. I've wanted to do something special with it, but haven't really known what to do. One of my daughter's good friends, Alana, who happens to be our neighbor as well as an incredible artist attending Savannah College of Art and Design, helped me decide. As long as I've known Alana she has stunned me with her incredible creations. Whether it's her handmade stuffed animal or hand sewn prom dresses, her talents overflow. She came over to visit one day this summer to show me a charcoal drawing she made of her great grandfather's art supplies. I was in awe.
Alana told me she wanted to help others by drawing memorial items or family heirlooms that might be hard to have out all the time or that may not be aging well. When she offered to create a drawing for me, I asked if she could incorporate Violet's collar along with a blooming violet a dear friend had given us as a reminder of her.

A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

This week, Alana brought over the finished art and when I saw it, my eyes filled with tears. My eldest son expressed, "I feel both happiness and sadness simultaneously." We all commented on how much we loved it and how even the collar texture is just as we remember it. This artwork has already become a treasure.

A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

Alana has an Etsy shop and is willing to create custom pieces. She also drew my grandmother's tattered Bible for me in a grouping with a vase my Gram was given as a wedding gift and my grandfather's nutcracker. My plan is to have prints made of this artwork to give as gifts to other family members who cherish these people and items as much as I do. Be sure to visit Alana's Etsy shop if you wish to connect with her to commemorate special items that hold significance to you. She'd be happy to answer any questions.

A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

*The items for the piece do not need to be shipped as the art can be created using a photograph.
If a friend has recently lost a pet, check out this idea and the free printable we created to go along with a plant gift.

A Unique Way to Remember Your Pets

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