Allergy-Friendly Meal Resources

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Allergy-Friendly Meal Resources
There is nothing I love more than finding a recipe my family loves, but that also works for my daughter who has a sensitivity to dairy. I find myself searching regularly for recipes that omit dairy because I am constantly navigating my way through what works and what doesn't for her. An easy recipe that works for our entire family is definitely something I appreciate and I recognize there are many of you who also have special dietary needs! Whether it's a specific diet you are on personally or you are providing a meal for someone with allergies, I want to introduce you to some allergy-friendly features we provide on Take Them A Meal. You can even send a meal with specific allergies in mind.
Making A Gluten-Free Meal
One of the most common food sensitivity requests I get from friends is that of being gluten- free. There are many options now in grocery stores that make substituting gluten-free ingredients much easier. Click here to see our full page of gluten-free meal ideas and recipes. A good rule of thumb when providing or preparing a gluten-free meal is to keep things as uncomplicated as possible. Simple meals of roasted meat with a side of vegetables and rice are often welcome and easy to prepare. This is a very helpful post that you may appreciate reading when providing a meal to someone with an allergy of some kind, written by our very own, Adina Bailey.
Avoiding Dairy For Sensitivities or Allergies
This category is special to our family because one of my daughters is sensitive to dairy. This isn't just a lactose sensitivity, but is specific to the protein found in dairy. This can be difficult because that same protein is also found in small amounts in goat cheeses and sheep cheeses. It can also be disguised in the ingredient list on packaging as "whey" or "whey protein." I have found it easier to use recipes that do not call for any dairy at all. I absolutely appreciate this resource because there are so many ideas available to help when feeling stumped on what to make. This Crock Pot Honey and Sesame Chicken sounds so delicious and I love that the instructions are short and unintimidating. This post also goes into depth about making a gluten-free and dairy-free meal. If you are unsure the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity, this is a very helpful article provided by
Vegetarian Minded Meal Sharing
Another allergy-friendly feature we share is our vegetarian recipe tab. I actually have someone close to me whose daughter is allergic to some of the proteins found in meat. For her, when she was discovering this allergy, a lot of the recipes she found helpful were often vegetarian and also vegan. Many of the vegetarian recipes on our site are warming and comforting. If you're looking for specific inspiration, this Slow Cooker Vegetable Minestrone looks perfect for a cold winter's night.
Lastly, when creating a meal schedule, allergies are listed in red. You can also add them to the "notes" section on the schedule that goes out in email form, so all participants will be aware of what ingredients to avoid.
I hope you find this post helpful in navigating some of the resources on our site. Providing a meal with a specific allergy in mind doesn't have to be intimidating. Remember that what matters most is that you are providing love and care to those in need by bringing a meal. Thank you all for taking the time to do so and happy meal sharing!

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