An Easy Comfort Care Package Idea for Under $40 Shipped

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An Easy Comfort Care Package Idea for Under $40 Shipped
Recently, a friend was facing some upcoming medical tests and I knew they were causing her concern. We don't live close to each other, but I wanted to support her from a distance. Personally, I love receiving surprise packages in the mail. Everyone's lives are incredibly full, so knowing someone took the time to think of me is meaningful.
Aside from being a bright spot in someone's day, care packages are also perfect when it's not really an occasion where a meal is needed, but you want to offer some support. I send care packages when a friend is having an ongoing medical issue, going through a stressful time, providing care for a loved one, or in a period of waiting.
One of the challenges with sending a care package to a friend is there are several time consuming steps to the process. First, you need to buy the items and then find a box that fits them well. Then, you need to seal everything up and get it addressed and to the post office.
When I have time, it's fun to go through those steps, but when I'm busy, it's nice to have another option. This is where Target comes in.
Three of my favorite "comfort" items are cozy throws, candles, and Chapstick. You can order all of these items from Target for under $40 and have them shipped directly to your friend. You can even indicate your order is a gift and add an encouraging note.
Here are three of my favorite Target items to send for a Comfort Care Package:
Target also carries a fun "You are My Hero" Chapstick or an eos Birthday Cake lip balm depending on the reason for your care package.

An Easy Comfort Care Package Idea for Under $40 Shipped

I hope this idea inspires you, saves you some time, and helps you care for a friend who may need a little TLC. I'd love to hear your care package tips too!
*These are not affiliate links. These are products we like and use personally.

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