Cute DIY Meal Container Idea

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Cute DIY Meal Container Idea
When there are hard things happening in the world, I try to find joy in caring for people in my community. While I can't change the upsetting things reported on the news, I can still impact someone's day in a positive way. As the years pass, I've realized that although goodness and sorrow will usually exist together, I can decide where I focus my time (and prayers)!
My sister recently introduced me to these aluminum pans being sold by Hobby Lobby this season. I am constantly looking for products like this, but I don't find them very often. I was thrilled when she found these pans and gave me some. They even have a design for Easter!
As I looked at the decorative pans, I realized it would be SO easy to customize the foil pans that come with two-sided silver/white cardboard lids. These foil pans are sold at most big box stores as well as Dollar Tree. I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a cute scrapbooking paper to see if my idea would work...and it did!

Cute DIY Meal Container Idea

The process is simple. First, trace the lid of your pan on the back of the scrapbook paper (you could even use wrapping paper). Then, cut out the shape. When you are ready to package your food item, put the lid on (silver side down) and put your cut paper right over the lid. Seal the edges to hold everything in place. I love tying things up with ribbon (especially desserts), but it's not necessary.

Cute DIY Meal Container Idea

If you already have the items on hand, this is so easy and takes no time at all. As you may know, our philosophy on taking meals is that it DOESN'T need to be fancy. This idea is for when you have a little extra time or when you're delivering food for a special occasion, like a birthday. Whose day could you brighten this week?
We'd love to see your photos if you give this a try. Email me at or tag us on Instagram #takethemameal

Cute DIY Meal Container Idea

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