Favorite Fall Soups


Favorite Fall Soups
As soon as the temperature drops below 65 degrees and leaves begin dropping from the trees, I immediately start craving one thing - soup. There's nothing better than warm, nourishing soup on a fall day. It's the perfect dinner for your own family and for taking to others* this time of year.
*Transporting soup to others can be done safely and neatly by choosing the right containers. We recommend cooling your soup slightly and carefully pouring into containers like these large, freezer safe bowls or a gallon size glass mason jar. If you're taking soup in your own pot or crockpot, this product will keep the lid on securely while traveling.
Here are a few of our favorite fall soup recipes. Pair with a loaf of bread and/or a simple salad and dinner is served!

Favorite Fall Soups

This is my go-to soup recipe in the fall. I love this butternut squash soup for so many reasons- it's loaded with vegetables, it makes a ton so it's easy to share half (or freeze so you're ready if there is a last minute need), and it is absolutely delicious. If you know someone who loves the flavor of butternut squash this is the soup for them.

Favorite Fall Soups

Hamburger Vegetable Soup is a favorite in our house; my kids love it because of the flavor and I love it because it is so easy to make. This recipe is perfect when served with a crusty bread.

Favorite Fall Soups

It's hard not to like broccoli and cheddar soup. I especially like this recipe because it uses broccoli, potatoes, and red pepper; the more veggies the better! It's creamy and delicious, but not overly cheesy like some cheddar soups can be.

Favorite Fall Soups

Our list wouldn't be complete without our favorite Chicken Noodle Soup. This one is so good it was mentioned in Good Housekeeping a few years ago. Substitute the noodles for rice to make it gluten free.

Favorite Fall Soups

Do you know someone who would love some comforting soup, but you don't live close enough to deliver it or have the time to make it yourself? Our webstore has the perfect soups for sending - traditional Chicken Noodle, healthy and hearty Turkey and Wild Rice, perfectly seasoned chili, filling very vegetable, and protein packed lentil. Can't decide? Our soups also come in a 5 quart variety pack and a 6 pint package, perfect for single people or elderly parents and neighbors.
We hope these recipes keep you and those you love warm and cozy all season long.

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