Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

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Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another
There are times in any meal provider's experience when you sign up to take a meal to a family, but you also need to feed your own. Providing enough for everyone doesn't need to be stressful or expensive. Below you'll find some meals from our Recipe section that are easy to double as well as a few other tips to help make cooking for a large family easier! With these suggestions, you will have success the next time you find yourself in this situation.
Easy Meals For Doubling Up!

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

Baked Cheesy Chicken Penne - Anything chicken and cheese is a big hit in my family. I love this meal idea because you can make two delicious casseroles, if needed: one for your family and one for another.

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

World's Best Lasagna - Lasagna is an easy family favorite meal. It comes together relatively quickly, making it a great week night option. I love this recipe as it is, and you can add extra greens like spinach or zucchini if desired.

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

Easy Crockpot Mexican Chicken - To feed my family, I usually prepare two pounds of meat at a time. Shredding the chicken will stretch the meat especially since you are mixing it with beans and corn. If you are taking this meal to a family, send with a side of tortilla chips and rice. You can also send along flour (or corn) tortillas with shredded iceberg lettuce to make tacos. Providing choices is always helpful for families with many children.

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork - Pulled pork BBQ is something I prepare regularly for my family of seven. This meal is a go-to for me because once the meat is cooked, it's easy to assemble plates. Sides can be completely customizable like mac n' cheese and baked beans!

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

Crock pot Balsamic Chicken Thighs - Time and time again, this recipe is a Take Them A Meal favorite! We highly recommend trying it the next time you are at a loss of what to bring. You can serve it over mashed potatoes or rice with a green vegetable or bagged salad on the side.

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

Here are a few other ideas to help save you time and ease the burden of cooking for a large family:
  • Use a crock pot or instant pot
  • Cook a bulk protein (like chicken) then provide simple sides like rice and vegetables
  • Add extras like a bag of salad or artisan loaf of bread
  • Remember the kids! Add a box of cookies (or fresh baked) or a simple dessert like Rice Krispies Treats! They are always a big hit with my kids
Cooking for yourself as well as another family doesn't have to be stressful! By using simple ingredients or a fail proof recipe you are familiar with, doubling up any recipe is possible. I hope I've inspired you to try some of the recipes we love or given you confidence with the recipes you know and love well!

Feeding Two Families: Yours + Another

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