Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

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Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas
I was scrolling through Instagram the other day when I stumbled upon an influencer I follow, asking for breakfast ideas. She shared that she was out of ideas and tired of using the same ingredients each time. I related to this whole heartedly! Oatmeal has been our main breakfast option, and my kids would rather skip breakfast than eat their oatmeal.
Perhaps you are looking for fresh ideas like I am, or perhaps you've signed up to take a meal, and you've decided to choose a breakfast option. We frequently share dinner ideas, but breakfast is another wonderful option to take as a meal!
I've compiled a delicious round up of breakfast ideas to inspire your own breakfast routine or for you to use if you are taking breakfast to a loved one in need.
Make-Ahead Pancakes - Did you know that you can make pancakes ahead and store them in the freezer? This is a great idea for taking breakfast to a friend (complete with fun toppings and maple syrup). The pancakes can be kept in the freezer until the recipient is ready to enjoy them. Nadia made the beautiful pancakes shown above and shares how to make/store them here.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Hash Brown Waffles - Hash browns were always a treat growing up. They were something my mom would serve on special occasions or sometimes on Sunday mornings. This recipe from Ree Drummond is fast, easy and could easily be made ahead of time and reheated in the morning!
Avocado Toast with Egg - I love avocado toast with a fried egg on top. This link shares how you can make this staple four different ways!
Egg Muffins - A friend shared with me that she makes an egg casserole for her husband's weekly breakfasts. She throws a handful of ingredients in, like sausage, peppers and black beans (whatever sounds good!) and then her husband can cut a slice as needed before work.
This recipe can be quickly microwaved and enjoyed on the go! This is great for kids too!
Smoothies - The weather is warming and spring is around the corner which has me thinking of fresh-made smoothies! We've shared this idea before, but we love the idea of taking a smoothie kit!
Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowl - This is a fun spin on regular cottage cheese with fruit! There are even substitutions listed if you aren't a fan of all of the ingredients.

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Banana Crumb Muffins - I love muffins because my kids can serve themselves in the mornings and my husband can take one (or two!) on his way to work. These Banana Crumb Muffins are delicious and bursting with flavor!
Chocolate Chip Quick Bread - Quick breads are versatile and can be easily shared! Make an extra loaf so there is one for your family and one for another!
I hope I've given you ample inspiration to make breakfast something to look forward to again if you're like me and needing fresh ideas. Any of these recipes can be made ahead and enjoyed throughout the week. Do you have a favorite make-ahead recipe?

Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

#1:These Bunny-shaped Cinnamon Rolls are such a fun activity and easy to make! A perfect treat to make your kids on Easter morning, too!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#2: Sometimes, you might not have the time to cook a delicious home-cooked meal to take to a friend, and that's okay! Nadia shared a previous blog post recipe that requires no cooking. A Pita Sandwich Kit!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#3: These Bunny Gift Bags are a perfect activity for kids, or make your own and fill them with goodies to include with a meal!
#4: The first few months for new parents can be an adjustment, and finding time to enjoy a date night outside the house isn't always possible. That's why putting together this simple Date Night In Box is a perfect gift to drop off.
#5: You can brighten someone's day by making the containers that you use to deliver your food attractive. Here are some of our favorite ways to make your Packages Pretty.

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