Our New Year's Resolutions


Our New Year's Resolutions
Each year, Scott and Adina look ahead with hopeful anticipation at the ways we can improve upon the year past. The entire Take Them A Meal team is blessed to share this free tool with our users and we especially love witnessing you organize meals to help your communities. We're encouraged to see your compassion and care as you take meals during times of need or celebration.
Take Them A Meal began when Adina saw a need to organize meals for a friend who was hospitalized. She witnessed friends and loved ones helping with meals and assistance, but there wasn't an overarching way to see who was bringing what meal and when. That's when our free online meal calendar was born! Over the years, our site has grown and now people all over the world use our site to help their friends and loved ones with their own meal coordinating needs. We've grown in ways we never thought imaginable! Our biggest resolution is to continue being CREATIVE as a team and to keep the site easy-to-use. All of us at Take Them A Meal think of YOU and want to provide encouragement and inspiration for your meal taking needs.
We also look forward to being able to offer new resources and tips to support our users as they cook or send meals to one another. You may have noticed that at the end of each of our blog posts, we share links to our Instagram page where our very own, Nadia, shares amazing tips, recipes and considerate extras to send along with a meal. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch all of Nadia's amazing ideas! It is always our goal to come alongside our users and to reach out in as many ways as we can! On our Blog, we write weekly about how to care for your family and friends when they are facing a difficult time. On our social media pages, we share tips and encouragement daily! Stay tuned for more resources and tips in 2024. We believe you really won't want to miss it!
While Take Them A Meal has been the most commonly shared tool, over the past year we saw a surge in those of you utilizing our sister site, Perfect Potluck! In 2024, we have our sights set on this extremely popular service because our users have made it super clear that Perfect Potluck is here to stay and is their preferred method for planning parties and other group meals. Did you know Perfect Potluck has its own Facebook and Instagram page as well? Follow us to stay up-to-date as we share tips for hosting gatherings and potlucks!
Even though we create resolutions to encourage growth and change, the theme each year that continues to be in the forefront of all we do is to make serving your families and communities easier. We hope that by sharing these resolutions with you, you will see how we hope to use our sites to their fullest.
Do you have any New Year's resolutions related to taking meals? We'd love to hear them!

Our New Year's Resolutions

#1: Looking for an easy dish to pop in the oven for breakfast? Then you have to try this Jalapeno Popper Quiche Recipe!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#2: Send a friend or family member a small care package full of their loved ones' favorite things or flavors. Adina shares a care package she made!
#3: These No-Bake Energy Bites are the perfect snack to drop off for the family who is always on the go!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#4: Making a charcuterie box is so fun, and there are so many different things you can include. Deliver this to someone's doorstep as a gift, or include it with a meal!
#5: Here are 25 Easy Chicken Breast Recipes that Freeze Well that we recently pinned on our Pinterest!
Don't have Pinterest? Click here to view recipes!

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Adina & Maureen

Welcome! We're thrilled you stopped by. Our own joys and sorrows have taught us that a well-timed meal delivered by a friend is one of the best gifts imaginable. In this space, we share our favorite recipes to take to friends, meal-taking tips, and other ways to care for those who are dear to you.

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