Overcoming Comparison

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Overcoming Comparison
As I sit at my desk, the sunlight shines on my computer keys, warming my hands. The windows are open and I hear the birds chirping in a nearby tree outside. In this moment, I feel grateful for the stillness of the naptime hour and having a minute for my own thoughts. A feeling grows in my heart about how comparing ourselves to others is a habit we can fall into at times. As we take meals, or witness others stepping in to bring a grieving loved one help, we may wonder what can I do that will help them? Is what I bring good enough? Will they like my meal?
Being completely honest, I feel this way often. I believe this stems from a lack of confidence and from constantly comparing myself to others. I know it sounds silly, but I often struggle with not trusting myself to do a good enough job at whatever task I'm given. I also suspect I am not the only one who struggles in this way!
In searching for encouragement from comparison, I stumbled upon this quote:
"Comparison doesn't strengthen anything other than your insecurities." A.C. Dyson
This simple statement profoundly expresses the pointlessness of comparison. It's one thing to admire something beautiful or appreciate someone else's gifting, but there is no need to discredit yourself by feeling less in some way. As we give of ourselves to others, we must learn to confidently give in ways we are able and let it be enough.
So whether you are a meal recipient and feel unworthy of the love and attention being bestowed on you, or you are a meal provider and feel inadequate at preparing a meal for someone else, here are three helpful affirmations to practice the next time you feel comparison creeping in:
  • You are a good friend, neighbor, brother, sister, daughter, wife, or spouse for stepping in to bring a meal.
  • What you have to give is enough and is blessing the recipient whether they voice it or not.
  • The small steps you are taking to reach out and bring assistance will have a big impact!
There is a quiet, comforting peace that comes with the realization that comparison is pointless. I hope I have encouraged you in my small way to practice affirming the work you are doing, whether that is bringing a meal, contributing help in some way, or even just telling someone you are praying for them. These actions may vary in scale, but neither is more important than the other.
Do you have questions or concerns of your own about taking a meal or creating a meal schedule? Visit our help page for frequently asked questions or reach out to any of our team! We love being here for you and are happy to help in any way we are able!

Overcoming Comparison

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