Piece of Cake: Easy Planning for Baby & Bridal Showers

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Piece of Cake: Easy Planning for Baby & Bridal Showers
Whether you are planning a bridal shower, a wedding shower or a baby shower, PerfectPotluck.com makes it easy for your friends to gather around delicious food. Our website allows you to efficiently plan a shower and have more time to celebrate with your friends and family.
Here are some tips to plan your perfect gathering and easiest shower ever!
1. Calculate the perfect portions
Our Potluck Calculator takes the stress out of estimating the food quantities for your event. We can help you find the perfect portions for your next group meal. The calculator is able to create a suggested menu for 10 to 500 guests.
2. Customize the menu
From an upscale bridal brunch to a backyard BBQ wedding shower (and all other shower themes), our website can help you create a customized sign up. The categories displayed within the setup page are just examples. You may easily edit category titles and customize the menu and event details based on your specific needs.
Need some recipe inspiration? Check out these Simple Shower Recipes.
3. Share the gift registry
The meal coordinator has the option on the setup page to include an external web link such as a baby or wedding registry or even a wedding website such as The Knot. Those invited are able to view the event, sign up to participate and view the gift registry with one click. We like to make life simple!

Piece of Cake: Easy Planning for Baby & Bridal Showers

4. Custom invitation
You may conveniently include your group meal sign up within a printed or custom invitation if you would like. Simply include the coordinator's last name and user password for others to access the schedule via our main page. In addition, you may include the direct link to the schedule, easily found via the 'Invite Friends' tool, by copying and pasting the link.
5. Line up some extra hands
Most friends and family are more than happy to help coordinate a baby or bridal shower, though not everyone thinks to ask ahead. If you would like some extra help, simply create categories such as decorations, set-up, serving and prep help, event cleanup, recording the gifts and givers, etc. Here are some simple ways to dress up the tables.
I hope PerfectPotluck.com makes your upcoming party planning needs a piece of cake!

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