Surprised by a Post-Travel Meal

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Surprised by a Post-Travel Meal
In addition to loving all tips and topics related to taking meals, I happen to be a pretty big basketball fan! I don't often have a reason to combine both of these loves in my blog writing, but today, I do. I watched my husband play in high school and really enjoyed the middle school seasons where all three of my children played. I'm glued to the TV during March Madness each year!
My middle son recently finished his last season of high school basketball with a talented homeschool team that has been INCREDIBLY fun to watch. His team, Harrisonburg Lightning, coached by Lane Lockard, won the Virginia State Tournament and went on to win the Regional Tournament in Indiana with an incredible buzzer beater! Their season concluded with a long road trip to the NCHBC National Tournament in Springfield, Missouri where they made it to the Sweet Sixteen (I'm completely biased because my son is on the team, but these guys are good!).
I can't believe I'm able to write that last sentence as my son has had years of significant injuries and other obstacles that made these past few weeks feel like a dream. He did not take one practice or second on the court for granted. He worked hard behind the scenes to have the opportunity to play and his discipline inspires me. His teammates are great players, committed and, most importantly, good friends. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for them and will continue to cheer them on next year. Go Lightning!
Our trip back from the week-long National Tournament was tiring! My husband, who is the assistant coach, drove for 14 hours straight with players and supplies. I had a late flight and was so happy to arrive on time, but my car in the airport parking garage went into deep sleep mode during our week away (who knew?). My car door wouldn't open and I still had a two hour drive ahead of me. Thanks to the airport garage attendant, I was in my car in about an hour and headed home. My husband and I pulled into the driveway minutes apart at 2 am. Yes, we were exhausted.
When I walked in my kitchen the night we returned home, I was surprised to find a neighbor had put dinner on my counter and in my fridge. With all of the emotions of the season ending and fatigue from the trip, I was overwhelmed by her kindness in that moment. To say we were tired the next day is an understatement and to not have to think about dinner was truly a gift!

Surprised by a Post-Travel Meal

The meal my neighbor Lisa brought was Chicken Tacos with all the toppings, rice, and white chocolate cranberry bars. We devoured it over the course of two days! She also included a thoughtful note for my son letting him know they watched his games and were cheering him on from afar.
I've not often thought to take a meal to a family when they are returning home from a trip, especially one where emotions may be running high like visiting a sick family member or helping a young adult child settle into a new city or dorm life. This meal waiting on the counter from my neighbor was such a good reminder to consider blessing my own friends in this way in the future!
I'd love to hear about times that you've been surprised by a meal or food gift from a friend? What was the occasion?

Surprised by a Post-Travel Meal

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