The Easy (and Free!) Way to Organize Meals - Hannah's Story

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The Easy (and Free!) Way to Organize Meals - Hannah's Story
Have you ever wanted to help someone during a difficult time, but you're not sure what to do?
Take Them A Meal is the easy (and FREE!) way to organize meal schedules for friends. Taking a meal or creating a simple online meal schedule can both be accomplished with very little time, but the impact is significant.
Hannah Zwanzig, a young mom from Virginia, was a meal recipient first and that refreshing experience motivated her to begin coordinating meal schedules for her own friends. After moving to a different state when expecting her second child, Hannah hesitated when a friend offered to set up a meal schedule for her. She knew her energy was limited with a toddler and a baby. Hannah couldn't imagine tasking someone with making a meal for her family when she knew how tiring it was to cook during her stage of life.
Hannah's friend assured her that people want to help by bringing meals. Now, Hannah's favorite meal to take to others is a meal she received during her first meal schedule. She could tell that the friends who delivered her meals really wanted to lend her support because they had been through similar times. Now that Hannah's children are a few years older, she understands the offers were genuine and has both the time and energy to help her own friends in a similar way. She's grateful for the opportunity to set up meals schedules for her friends during life's joys and sorrows.

The Easy (and Free!) Way to Organize Meals - Hannah's Story

Hannah's favorite meal to take is Balsamic Chicken and Jasmine Rice. It's a "set it and forget it" recipe that's easy, delicious, and meets many dietary restrictions. Her young daughter, Charlotte, will often help Hannah with preparing the meal and putting cheerful sprinkles on the brownies is a must! Along with the Balsamic Chicken, Hannah sends rice, a bagged salad, and bread.

The Easy (and Free!) Way to Organize Meals - Hannah's Story

While not specifically mentioned in the video, be sure to watch for the following tips:
  • Split a single foil pan, so it can hold both the chicken and rice
  • When taking a meal to a family with children, include an age appropriate book
  • Use large-bottomed insulated totes for transporting. You can find the one Hannah uses in our new merchandise store.

The Easy (and Free!) Way to Organize Meals - Hannah's Story

Whether you're new to coordinating meals or an experienced meal provider, we know Hannah's story will inspire you.
We look forward to supporting you in 2023 as you coordinate and prepare meals for your loved ones!

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