The Easy Way to Send a Meal - Courtney's Story

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The Easy Way to Send a Meal - Courtney's Story
Have you ever wanted to support your friends during a sudden crisis or loss, but they live out of state?
Our friend and team member, Courtney Leach, faced that dilemma. Her dear friend who lived a few states away suddenly needed some support and she desperately wanted to help. Courtney has a family of her own, so dropping everything to travel to her friend wasn't an immediate option even though that's what her heart wanted to do.
Courtney often provides meals for her friends and family who live near to her, so she understands how much a warm meal can mean during a challenging time. She can often be seen making one of Take Them A Meal's most popular recipes (Crock Pot Balsamic Chicken Thighs) or a last minute crock pot full of soup to share after carrying bags of groceries into her house.
Since cooking a meal in her own kitchen wasn't an option this time, Courtney decided to send a meal from the Take Them A Meal store. She chose the Five Quart Variety Pack to cheer up her friend along with an encouraging note.
"I felt comforted knowing I could help her from a distance during a time when she needed it."
This meal is a great choice because it contains five different quarts of soup (made with fresh ingredients) that can be stored in the freezer and pulled out whenever they are needed. The Good Ol' Chicken Noodle soup is comforting to someone recovering from surgery while the Red, White & Moo Chili works great as a baked potato topping for the family.
Courtney was relieved to be able to help her friend in such a practical way from a distance and in a way she knew would be truly helpful. Be sure to check out Courtney's story!

The Easy Way to Send a Meal - Courtney's Story

The Easy Way to Send a Meal - Courtney's Story

#1: These easy gluten-free pretzel bites are delicious and can be stored in the freezer as a quick grab-and-go sweet/salty snack.
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#2: Sending activities along with a meal for the kids to enjoy is always a great idea! This two-ingredient Cloud Dough is easy to make and will definitely be a new favorite activity in the house!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#3: These glass jars from Dollar Tree are perfect for storing salad dressing, toppings, overnight oats, or treats when taking a meal!
#4: These Garlic Cheese Bombs are full of cheesy deliciousness wrapped in refrigerated biscuit dough and brushed with butter, garlic, and herbs!
Don't have Instagram? Click here for the recipe!
#5: Print your own set of our FREE Printable Sunshine Cards and get ready to pay it forward in style when an opportunity presents itself!

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