Three Apps that Make Sending Meals a Breeze


Three Apps that Make Sending Meals a Breeze
As summer is sweetly coming to an end and we look to fall, some of us are entering a season of schedules. It may be daunting to think of adding anything extra to our plates during this time. We are back to our school schedule in our household and it got me thinking about the age of convenience we live in. What's that you say? Nothing in my life feels truly convenient... but, if you look down at your phone, there is a lot at your fingertips readily available, including the ability to have meals delivered to a friend without even making a phone call.
Just in case you might feel behind the times like me using an app to order a meal, I wanted to take a minute to highlight three of the most popular apps (maybe you've already used one). I'll also show you ways to make the delivery more personal during this time when we all need to feel noticed. Below you'll find the most widely used apps you can download on your smartphone right now for FREE. They are easy to use and most definitely convenient!
GrubHub is an app that contracts out to restaurants to set up meal delivery. It uses your personal location, whether that be an address or zip code or nearby city to locate local restaurants who participate with this app. You'll simply find your restaurant of choice, click to view a menu, select your food item and follow the directions from there.
Someone close to me used this app when they were in the hospital. Her meal was delivered and a nurse brought it to her room! It's that easy! One of the nice things I've learned about GrubHub is there is no delivery fee. You are also welcome to type out any instructions for your meal delivery like "Leave at the side door," or "Please ring the doorbell and leave the meal on the porch."
This is an app that has hired drivers to pick up your food and deliver it. There is a delivery fee for this one that is around $5.99. The only downside to using this app is that it will slightly increase the price you pay to cover the tip and delivery fee. But if it's the convenience you are looking for, then some would argue it is definitely still worth the price. One nice thing about DoorDash is they also offer gift cards! Sometimes it's easier to send someone some money and they can purchase meals at their convenience. I personally love that idea. Click here to read how!
Have you ever used Uber to get a ride from the airport or to take you somewhere around town in a pinch? Uber drivers also have the option of getting delivery notifications to pick up a meal order and deliver one! If you are a visual learner and would enjoy watching a tutorial, click here to see the step by step process on how to use UberEats. UberEats is a separate app from the Uber app for ride sharing. Be sure to download the right one!
Lastly, don't forget that you can use to send a healthy meal right to your friend's doorstep! Visit the site here to view all of the yummy options! If you receive emails from us regularly, you can scroll all the way to the bottom for a link that will take you to this site as well.
If taking a meal still seems like too much right now, then read here. Don't forget that you can also purchase a gift card and keep things simple.
I hope you enjoyed reading about ways to use these different apps! Maybe you'll download one today to try it out!

Three Apps that Make Sending Meals a Breeze

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